Friday, February 20, 2009

Green Line Rant

I haven't taken the Green line in almost two years. Last night I got on at Fenway and traveled to Park street.

In that time, a girl puked on another girl's "expensive" jacket, and a large homeless person wanted to Sumo Wrestle people on the train.

I was afraid a tidal wave of puke was going to take over the train, a la Stand By Me and ruin my new glasses. Luckily, the train just started moving when I started to feel overwhelmed with the savagery known as commuting.

To make things worse, the train got stuck in between stations because the wheelchair device became stuck.

I could see Park street station from my oiled up window...

The 1.5 mile trip took 45 minutes.

Why do Bostonians put up with this crap. Seriously.


RMM said...

My first "adult" bicycle was purchase from Broadway Bicycle School immediately after a similarly frustrating commute via MBTA.

I have been an urban cyclist ever since.

It was only later than I came to competitive cycling.

I am glad that your new glasses made it through this traumatic experience unscathed.

Yash Katsumi said...

Thank god.

If my new glasses got trampled in the chaos that ensued, I would have been ripshit.

Also, the puking thing reminded me of watching a crash from the Heli. You see a hole in the peleton, and then there is this rapid fanning around the incident.

I could only thank god that I was in the right place during this horrific incident.