Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting Drilled The best deal ever!

This morning I finally went to the Harvard Dental School Faculty dentists office after not having gone to a dentist for 15 years. Apparently there are some deep deep cavities I need to have drilled. I got two super deep cavities filled for only $47. Is that like the ultimate deal ever? I thought it would be like at least $200.

Seiorusly now. I went riding with the one called PVB. It was painful, and today, two days later, my hips are all sore from the fast pace. There were some girls prentending to run and get a workout and such, but it was painfully obvious that they had taken a keen interest in our super smooth dismounts and remounts done at one would call "Au Bloc" pace. I saw them videotaping using their camera phones so hopefully they will put it on YouTube later. At one point I look over and PVB's fricking pedal body is still stuck to his shoe, but the axle is still attached to the crank. They should have a power limit on those candy Sl's.

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zank said...

PVB...too strong for words.