Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nearly Complete...The MudPig Specs

2007 Hampsten MudPig Custom limited Edition

The full description and specs for the frame and fork will be in a later post.

Frame: Reynolds 853 Tubing with Pearl Mica White Paint
Fork: Alpha Q CX-20 Custom Paint 450 Grams

Race Wheels: Fast Fast Fast conditions...
Wheels: Shimano Ultegra hubset laced with DT spokes, Velocity Escape Tubular Rim
Cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace 12-27
Tires: Dugast Typhoon 700X30
*This is my second set of tubular cyclocross wheels. I used to own a set of Ksyrium sl's with Vittoria Cx tires glued to them. Those wheels were nice, but the bearings were pretty messed up and I ended up selling them on craigslist. I had this wheelset built by a master wheelbuilder at Harris cycles in West Newton MA. I am not sure if the Dugast tires are too narrow, but we will see. I noticed that even though these tires are near new, there seems to be some delaminating of the tire from the bottom of the casing. Perhaps I messed them up during mounting. When pumped to pressure, it is not noticeable, but I do hope that it does not shear off during a wicked corner. I still have to buy some skewers. The dream is to buy those USE SpinStix. I envision using these wheels for fast grassy courses like Canton, Gloucester.

Race Wheels 2: Little rougher conditions...
Wheels: Reynolds Solitude Wheelset 1550 Grams
Tires: Schwalbe 700x35 Fast Freddy Light 310 Grams
Cassette: SRAM 970 12-26 225 Grams
* I bought these wheels because for the money, they were an awesome deal. Unfortunately I have noticed that they are not selling these wheels anymore because they are having machining problems with the cassette pawls. after getting dicked around by customer service at Reynolds, I decided to keep these wheels and ride them for cross. they are pretty light at 1550Grams for the pair, and the rear hub has really fast engagement. I think the Schwalble tires are pretty nice and wide and can be ridden at around 45 PSI without much deformation.

More to come on these wheelsets after I have some real riding in them...

Shifters:Shimano Dura-Ace STI, 9 speed 390 Grams
Front: Derailleur Shimano Dura-Ace
Rear: Derailleur Shimano Dura-Ace
Crank: Shimano Dura-Ace Ten speed with 48/38 FSA Rings
Bottom Bracket: Dura Ten
Pedals: EggBeaters Sl
*I have kept the Dura Ace 9 spd stuff on there. they have worked for me for 4-5 years, and I have no desire to change them just yet. I am changing from Candy Sl to Eggbeaters this year. I do love these pedals, but they end up getting trashed after one season. Luckily, the nice guys at Crank Bros. at the big races will rebuild them for free. I wish that I had bought the short spindle Ti model....

Saddle: Specialized Alias 143mm 255 Grams
Seat Post: Ritchey WCS Aluminum 200 Grams
Handlebars: Ritchey WCS Aluminum Classic Bend 44cm, OS 225 Grams
Stem: Thomson X2 Silver 100mm 155 Grams
Headset: Chris King 1.125" Silver 125 Grams
Cable Hanger: IRD Long Drop 25 Grams
Brakeset Shimano BR550 with SwissStop GHP brakepads and Salsa wide Yoke 380 Grams
*I have used the Specialized Alias saddle for over 5 years now. It i my favorite saddle and I can't imagine riding without one. Although the newer version is not as attractive as last years version, it does not have all that stitching on the top of the saddle so it should be friendlier to your expensive lycra.
*I have never built a bike with ERGO bend handlebars. When they began appearing in the mid 90's, I was torn. I was appaled at how they looked, but every pro was riding them, even my favorite Jan Ullrich(3TTT Prima 199), but I could never get into them since the ergo bend makes reaching the brake levers impossible on the old Campy Athena components.
*I also belileve that Thomson makes beautiful and structually sound products. I do not like their older stems, but I love the Thomson X2 series. Heavier than your super light stems, but very very solid.
*I have had Chris King headsets on all of the custom bikes I have had in the past. These things never lose their value, it is ridiculous. I hope to one day own some Chris King wheels laced to some carbon rims.
*This year I wanted to ride some different brakes. I wanted to buy some Paul's or some Spooky's, but i could never find a good deal on them. I ended up buying these brakes after I saw some on the TIAA CREF Javelin's and they looked real good. The stock pads weren't all that great and they get worn down very quickly in the wet, so I will be trying out the SwissStop brake pads which are supposed to be "Like The best thing ever"
Totally Tricked out machined dropouts made by Co-Motion.
Very Very thin but stiff dropouts.
Thomson X2 stem.
Although it is hard to see, the paint here is a beautiful pearl white mica which reflects the sun light in a complicated manner not re-produceable on film.
For a 700x35 tire, it is nearly a tight fit.
The Alpha Q cx 20 fork has plenty of clearance. I am using a Salsa straddle cable instead of the one supplied. i am not sure what it will do, but it is fricking stiff.
The rear seat cluster uses a salsa liplock.
Downtube. The decals are under a clearcoat and can barely be felt.
Over the stem front brake cable routing with the silver Fizik bar tape. Brakes are reversed at the moment, or as they call it, Italian Style. I wanted to use the Aztec brake cables because I was told that they will reduce the amount of mushiness during braking. So far, I love the positive feel the brakes give.
Ever trusty Chris king Headset and the rear of the stocky fork crown.
The Boar. Not to be confused with Hogzilla, the 1200 pound pig found and killed in Alabama.

Weighing it at a little over 18 pounds...


zank said...

you will be rockin' the Bs on that sweet ride!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

god dang, that bike is beautiful! lets hope it's caked in mud by the end of CX season...

Yash Katsumi said...

I really do hope we have some good (meaning trecherous) weather for cross this year as well.