Monday, February 23, 2009

Vallely Barnyard

This is a deck that I used to ride all the time, and would beat the crap out of. I crashed while doing a trick and it fell into the Copley fountain where I left it. Now a new one goes for more than $2000 on ebay.

Much like bikes, I went through about 20 boards in the two years I skated (1990-92).

Here are some memorable chronological order

Powell Caballero Dragon and bats
Powell Underhill
Powell Barbee
H-street Magnusson
H-street Hensley
Blind Rudy Johnson
G&S Street Chomp 1 & 2
Vision Double Tail
Vallely Double tail
Vallely Elephant
Vision Double Jinx
Planet Earth Miller
New Deal Templeton
New Deal ??
Santa Cruz Slick
Jeremy Klein Super Mario


RMM said...

I loved the Barnyard too. It was available with a slick plastic coating so that the graphics wouldn't get scratched up.

Yash Katsumi said...

I did not know they had a slick version.

I am currently building a town crusier, if you will.

It is an old ray barbee board with powell rat tail wheels, 85A and indy purple anodized trucks.

It will be awesome to cruise to the cafe with.

RMM said...

If you get stuck for parts, I have some around.
I am waiting for the new skatepark to open.
Bradshaw and I are going to organize an LCC day at the skatepark.

Yash Katsumi said...


I don't really want to do any flippy tricks, I just want to go there, do some slappies, grinds, power slides, and maybe some rail slides.

pvb said...

My life list includes:

1) Banana board thing that I nailed to some wood planks trying to make a go-cart.
2) Yellow Nash with a dragon standing on a pile of skulls (bought this from my neighbor for $20, which was like $2000 at the time)
3) Some blue blank deck with cool chunky wheels that had jugs of XXX moonshine on them
4) Powell Street Hawk purchased from Ozzy over at

I would break bones if I went to a skate park.